ROAM® Large Breed Premium Sampler Box


At ROAM®, we source the best ingredients from the best lands in the world. All of our products are made from the finest novel protein – Ostrich, Venison, and Crocodile. Our products are all-natural, sustainable, and of the highest quality. For these premium sample boxes, we selected the perfect assortment of occupying chews and delicious reward treats. These custom treats will deliver a healthy, responsible, and delicious experience for you and your dog. We offer 3 amazing ROAM trial boxes each uniquely crafted and categorized by breed size. Welcome to our journey to bring the best healthy novel proteins to the best dogs!

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Dog Sizes: Medium, Large


Each box contains the following:

A single ingredient premium freeze-dried treat, a mega long-lasting huge knucklebone, a multi-serving delicious all meat chew, and a tasty novel protein slow huge bone.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 18.25 × 11.00 × 4.50 in


  • All-natural
  • No GMO’s
  • No antibiotics
  • Free-roaming

Ingredients & Guaranteed Analysis

Sampler box includes: 

  • Novel proteins and chews
  • Assorted