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The only country in the world that covers an entire continent with a unique ecosystem hosting a variety of species.

The Land

Encompassing a wide territory rich in natural resources and fertile lands ranging from arid desserts to tropical rainforests.

The Journey

At ROAM we are not content to just find wonderful proteins like kangaroo in Australia. We spent years researching and traveling to the many regions within Australia to find the most incredible free-range Kangaroo. In Australia over 80% of the population lives by the coast. We traveled 800-1000 km into the outback to find the perfect proteins, ethically raised and self-fed. There is a road for those who take the initiative and venture from the coast deep into the outback. The locals call it the Long Distance Short Cut! It is in this iconic region that there is no population, and therefore little effect from humans on the land, sky, and water. It is here that our journey ended finding the best naturally culled Roo there is.

The Novel Proteins

In Australia, male Kangaroos are ethically and sustainably procured from the wild, eating only native vegetation and emitting lower levels of greenhouse gases than industrially farmed proteins. Kangaroo meat is one of the lowest fat-containing red meats and is high in protein, vitamin B, iron, and omega fats, a sought-after menu item in some of the world’s finest restaurants. With no added chemicals, antibiotics, GMOs, or preservatives, our Kangaroo dog treats are a healthy alternative for pets with food allergies or intolerances, an excellent choice for your pet!

Australia's Novel Proteins

Outback Kangaroo

Good for Dogs

High Protein
No Fillers

Good for People

Protected Species
Local Economy Driver

Good for the Planet

Biodegradable Products
Ecosystem Presentation