We Believe That

"Better is Possible"

Nutritionally Wholesome

We’ve taken the lead in providing sustainable, diverse, and great-tasting protein treats for our beloved dogs.

What drives us

How we choose to eat and harvest food can make life better for everyone.

  • Promoting health
  • Creating economic opportunities
  • Reducing our carbon footprint

Where we ROAM?

A protein’s provenance – its source, life cycle, and process – is key when choosing a pet treat.


The only country in the world that covers are entire continent with a unique ecosystem hosting a variety of species.

New Zealand

Majestic landscapes dressed in mountains to glaciers, beaches, and forests setting the scene for memorable encounters with unique wildlife.

South Africa

Breathtaking scenery covered with grasslands and epic wildlife, home to the world’s largest ostrich population.

Read What The Bark is All About

Percy ROAM Dog

“Percy highly recommends this healthy and tasty ostrich snack that ROAM sells!
He is proud and highly protective of his ROAM treats–thanks ROAM for making something so good that he loves”

Diana, Roam Pet Parent

Cooper ROAM Dog

“OMG Cooper absolutely loved his new ROAM venison bone, played with it for 10 minutes then ate the lean New Zealand meat and now relaxing and enjoying every bite! I love to see him so happy and it’s healthy too!”

Stacilyn, Roam Pet Parent

Blue Boy ROAM Dog

“This Cape Ostrich Bone is all mine – I love it, it’s delicious!!!”

Blue Boy, Roam Pet

Andromeda ROAM Pet

“I love my ROAM Pet Treats!”

Andromeda, Roam Pet

ROAM Pet Photo

“Don’t get fooled by Pisco’s cuteness! He’s repeatedly jumped, barked, and wagged his tail before he had a taste of this yummy and healthy Roam treat. Thank you Roam for helping a big brother spoil his best friend with greatness!”

Mateo, Roam Pet Parent

ROAM Pet Photo

“Thank you for the snacks Roam, Rory loved all of them”

Carlee, Roam Pet Parent

ROAM Pet Photo

“He is the biggest fan of bosstrich bones. We buy him at least 2x a month. They last a long time compared to the bully stick that he goes through in one sitting. Marty has had food allergies and so it’s great that we can get him a bone that won’t cause any allergy or stomach issues.”

Jackie, Roam Pet Parent

ROAM Pet Photo

“After a day of being healthy at the spa Harley thinks there is nothing better than a healthy ROAM novel protein treat.”

Nancy, Roam Pet Parent

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