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Why roam so far for Novel Proteins?

There are Ostriches and there are Cape Ostriches. What is the difference? The land, the climate, the farming practices, and the breed itself. This is why we travel far to source best-in-class pet treats from around the world.

Good for PETS

Not All Protein is Created Equal

There’s a reason why vets advocate for novel proteins. Our unique treats offer the planet’s best nutrient-dense protein sources while supporting the people and ecosystems that create it.

Why Go Novel?

What goes into our treats is every bit as important as what’s left out. We say no to additives, hormones, or preservatives. Novel protein sources are hypoallergenic in nature, low in fat, and enriched with the goodness of vitamins to help your dog stay healthy.

The Source of True Flavour

Crafted in their own flavourful juices and smoked to perfection, Roam dog treats are delicious. Just ask your tail-wagging friend!

Good for PEOPLE

Creating Oppurtunity

We lead a full-circle approach to ethical harvest and the way we do business by building close relationships with small-scale farmers, supporting their growth, and inspiring others to do the same.

Raising Bar

Our unique approach is consistent with our core values, resulting in happier and healthier animals and higher protein quality for our dogs while promoting jobs for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Good For the Planet

Free Roaming, Never Raised.

Our novel protein sources come from the wildest places on earth and are harvested through eco-friendly and ethical practices. This means animals are never caged or farmed or raised. Instead, they live out in the wild in harmony with their natural habitat.

Doing Things the Right Way

As leaders in novel proteins, we’ve spent years researching and cultivating trusting relationships with partners whose values align with ours. We opt for mindful harvesting practices that reduce our carbon footprint in the world and promote sustainability.

Passport for Pets?

Good for pets, Good for people.

200 years of ostrich farming

Introducing farmer: Jonathan Biggs