The Wanderer Box

A curated selection for the larger dogs of the pack, including our widely popular Cape Ostrich™ treats. Inside, there is The Boss-Trich™, a best-selling light hollow femur bone, our bouncy and crunchy Ossy Trachs™, and everyone’s favorite savory craving pleaser Ossy Jerky™.   


100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Western Cape Ostrich™ femur bone, 100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Western Cape Ostrich™ trachea, Free-roaming Cape Ostrich Meat, Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Fiber (Pea), Vinegar, Molasses, Salt, Spice, Antioxidant (Rosemary Extract)


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Includes the following treats

ROAM® The Boss-trich

Slow-roasted in its own juices, full of meaty flavor, this unique large yet hollow free-roaming Western Cape Ostrich™ bone is naturally strong to support the extraordinary speeds of the animal yet light enough to prevent weighing down the bird. It also scrapes away tartar buildup, keeps dogs busy, and is highly digestible.

ROAM® Ossy Trachs

Is it a treat or a toy? Maybe both! Expect your dog to become extra playful when devouring this delicious single-ingredient Western Cape Ostrich™ chew. Dry-roasted to perfection with an ergonomic shape that bounces as they crunch away through the grooves and ridges.

ROAM® Ossy Jerky

Get ready to see some tail-wagging and floppy ears as soon as you pop this delicious and freshly packed jerky treat out from the deli tray—real chewy heaven made from low fat and low calorie free-roaming Western Cape Ostrich™. Perfect for medium to smaller-sized dogs.

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