New Zealand

Majestic landscapes dressed in mountains to glaciers, beaches, and forests setting the scene for memorable encounters with unique wildlife.



A scenic beauty of great contrasts and diversity that awakens an urge for exploration and promises adventure.



New Zealand has some of the most amazing scenery in the world. Our journey to find the purest, best venison started with many trips to the country. We also shared many helicopter rides through the natural wilderness to find the best locales where the deer feed themselves and there is little effect on the land by man. Even though the country is relatively small, It took us many years to locate several sources of venison. We literally journeyed from the alluvial plains of Canterbury to the Highlands in South Island. We then explored the North Island from the coast Hawkes Bay to the lush green mountains in the Manawatu Region. These travels led us to the best venison this world has to offer.

Without the years of travel and dedicated exploration, we would not acheive our objective to find the best, purest and most ethically raised proteins these lands have to offer.


Novel Proteins

Move over beef, bye-bye chicken. There's a new protein with major health benefits for your dog and a powerful flavor punch sending conventional staples to the back shelf. Introducing the New Zealand Grasslands Venison™, a rich and gamey novel protein and one of the healthiest red meats available. There are different species of venison in New Zealand, like Red Deer and the Wapiti. It is an excellent source of protein, brimming with zinc and iron, very lean, and packed with vitamins and minerals. ROAM's unique processing accentuates the natural flavor, which results in palatable, mouth-watering taste dogs are sure to love.

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Novel Proteins



Good for dogs Hormone Free
Low Fat
No Artificial Flavors

Good for PEOPLE Agent of Change
Ethical Trade

Good for THE PLANET Environmentally Conscious
Responsibly Harvested