Flavor Rich™

ROAM® Large Roo Chopper

A popular delight! Your dog will jump from joy before the treat is even out of the bag. This signature novel protein is a favorite amongst the most demanding foodies. Smoked in its natural juices, packing with flavor, and dental chew benefits for happy, healthy dogs.


100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Outback Kangaroo™ femur bone


Nutritional Benefits

Free-roaming novel proteins are allergy-friendly protein sources that add variety to your dog's diet. They are low in fat and calories and include a complex and complete set of micronutrients. Beyond nutrition, these exotic novel proteins are widely known for their exceptional flavor and texture.

Feeding Guidelines

Not for human consumption. Monitor your pet while feeding natural bones and tendons. If the product gets too small, remove it from the dog. Recommended size is slightly larger than your dog's mouth. Please provide plenty of fresh drinking water while your dog enjoys this product. This product is intended as a chew, not a food. Suggested servings are 1-3 bones per week, depending on your dog.

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