The Voyager Box

A box designed to make treat time their favorite time of day. Inside, you’ll find our strongest Outback Kangaroo™ bone, a 2-in-1 knuckle and shin bone, plus our popular collagen-rich twisted Cape Ostrich™ bliss packed with a smoky flavor all the way through. 


100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Outback Kangaroo™ meat and knuckle bone, 100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Outback Kangaroo™ femur bone, 100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Western Cape Ostrich™ hide


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Includes the following treats

ROAM® Kanga Chew

A bone-licking good treat! Your dog will discover a world of flavor with this slow-roasted, naturally smoked, and allergy-friendly Outback Kangaroo™ bone. This high protein, low-fat treat is composed of the thick knuckle bone and a thinner shin bone with the perfect grip for long chewing sessions.

ROAM® Large Roo Chopper

A popular delight! Your dog will jump from joy before the treat is even out of the bag. This signature novel protein is a favorite amongst the most demanding foodies. Smoked in its natural juices, packing with flavor, and dental chew benefits for happy, healthy dogs.

ROAM® Ossy Hide

A long-lasting chew session is awesome on its own, but when you add in savory smoked skin of the Western Cape Ostrich™, you’ve got a winner! This textured chew provides a unique crunchy experience with thin layers of roasted and fully digestible collagen. Easy for dogs to hold with their paws and get the health benefits of a novel protein.

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