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Roam Journal Part 1

As we take you along the chronicles of our travels, the people we’ve met, and the places we’ve visited; we are most excited about sharing what we learned and how it changed our perception of our impact, and what we plan on doing about it. 

Let’s start with a trip to Australia and a short story about a man named James.

James is a ‘roamer’, what we like to call our partners in the pursuit of good, a native Australian based on the East Coast, known as the Sunshine Coast. 

James has a big passion to explore opportunities that benefit the economic welfare of communities, one of the reasons he is an incredible member of our team.

A couple of years ago, James learned some unwelcoming truths behind what it takes to produce pet treats, from questionable additives to harming environmental effects, but also gathered ideas to change them. 

There is incredible untapped potential in Australia with the capability of benefiting many areas, including maintaining the overpopulation of kangaroos at a sustainable level, improving job opportunities and community welfare, bypassing the damaging environmental effects of farming, and expanding the dog treats industry to incorporate free-roaming novel proteins that are healthier and allergy-friendly alternatives for dogs.

In Australia, over 80% of the population lives by the coastline, but we took the long-distance shortcut, as the locals call it, and traveled 1000 km into the outback.

In this iconic region, the life-cycle of the journey in pursuit of good begins. 

Among the trees and grassy plains in the outback, you encounter many kangaroo species. The kangaroos here are free-roaming, living in the land of indigenous shrubs and feeding off local vegetation, eliminating the production of grains, which emit 50% of our carbon footprint. 

Kangaroo meat is an exceptionally tasty and healthy novel protein, containing 50% less fat than conventional staples like chicken or meat, an ideal allergy-friendly alternative for dogs, and since they are not farmed, they grow without antibiotics, growth hormones, grains, or other human interventions. 

At Roam, we go beyond finding the highest quality protein to feed our dogs. As pet lovers and owners, ourselves, we are committed to only treating our pets to the best available protein sources that support a healthy and well-lived life, and by partnering with like-minded people like James, we’ve opened the door to better ways of doing things. 

We take it a step further and build supply chains and relationships with people like James that make a difference—and bring you products that you can feel good about putting in your shopping cart.

We pride ourselves in supporting small-scale multigenerational owned factories, regenerating our planet, and helping rural communities become part of something larger, so the next time you feed your pal a Roam treat, you can feel good about it, too.

We encourage you to think about the impact of each purchase you make and to support brands that are giving back to global communities and contribute to sustainable practices. 

Thank you for joining us in this journey. It’s just getting started. 

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