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Flavor Rich™

ROAM® Bucky Chucky™

If you have a power-chewer at home, this is yours to keep! Give your pup’s jaw a good workout with this delicious tasting Grasslands Venison™ scapula bone and keep their teeth clean and free of plaque. Throw it like a frisbee and turn snack time into playtime!



100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Grasslands Venison™ blade bone
Nutritional Benefits
Environmentally friendly and free-roaming novel proteins are full of nutritional benefits, excellent taste, and minimize the chances of food-related allergies. They are grain-free, easily digestible, and rich in omega fatty acids, which support a dog’s healthy skin and ensure a luxurious and shiny coat.
Feeding Guidelines
Not for human consumption. Monitor your pet while feeding natural bones and tendons. If the product gets too small, remove it from the dog. Recommended size is slightly larger than your dog’s mouth. Please provide plenty of fresh drinking water while your dog enjoys this product. This product is intended as a chew, not a food. Suggested servings are 1-3 bones per week, depending on your dog.
Health Considerations

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