The Explorer Box

A handpicked selection with our dog’s seal of approval. This bundle of lean and crazy-flavorful treats with just a hint of gaminess, are made to keep your dog happy, motivated, and out of trouble. Includes the Roo Chopper, the strongest bone in our lineup, crunchy and chewy Grasslands Venison trachea, and the popular Grasslands Venison knuckle end bone for lasting flavor and entertainment. What’s not to wag about? 


100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Outback Kangaroo™ femur bone, 100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Grasslands Venison™ trachea, 100% all-natural and sustainably sourced Grasslands Venison™ knuckle bone


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Includes the following treats

ROAM® Roo Chopper

Happiness from one end to another. Our single-ingredient Outback Kangaroo™ femur bone is one of the most robust bones in the lineup. It has a long, lean center and magnificently tender meaty ends for long-lasting savory entertainment.

ROAM® Bucky Trachs

Keep their teeth healthy by chewing on ribbed bones made from free-roaming smoked Grasslands Venison™ tracheas. These hollow chews are bouncy and crunchy, passing the test of irresistible flavor and lasting fun with flying colors and wagging tails!

ROAM® Bucky Gnaw-kle

This long-lasting Grasslands Venison™ knucklebone is a popular chew for strong-jawed dogs who love a good munch that massages their gums and scrapes away tartar buildup. The ergonomic shape provides a good grip and an excellent exercising chewing session.

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